PJ Drive

PJ Drive

WCK's PJ Drive brings a warm winter delivery of cozy pajamas to families experiencing childhood cancer and blood disorders across B.C.

It’s Community Love

PJ Drive is a true community project. WCK is grateful for the support from stores, schools and volunteers - we can’t do it without them.

PJs Delivered in 2021

WCK PJ Drive

Join the Community

Raise Money at Your School

Whether it’s a PJ Day or a Loonie/Toonie Day, your school (or class) can raise money anytime during the year to support. Here’s an Info Package for Schools if you are looking for ideas and material for your fundraiser.


Thank You
for supporting
WCK's PJ Drive

Fundraising Schools in 2021

Queen Mary Elementary

Springwood Elementary

Nestor Elementary

University Highlands

Larson Elementary School

McBride Annex

ArtsCalibre Academy

Blundell Elementary

PJ Drive School
PJ Drive at Henry Anderson Elementary School (2021)

Albion Elementary

Mountain Meadows Elementary

Capitol Hill Elementary

Emily Carr Elementary

Crescent Park Elementary

Tyee Elementary School

Henry Anderson Elementary