Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Not sure who to go to at WCK? Check out this page for information about who to reach out to and for what.

Shannon Hartwig

Hey! I'm Shannon.

Shannon Hartwig, WCK Executive Director

Ask me about: Partnerships, Board relations, strategic visioning.


Caitlin McBride

Hey! I'm Caitlin.

Caitlin McBride, Development Manager

Ask me about: Fundraising, donor relations, grant management, funding opportunities for WCK, the WCK website


Kelsey Merritt

Hey! I'm Kelsey.

Kelsey Merritt, Connection Programs Coordinator

Ask me about: Spring break City Camp, Summer City Camp, Hangouts programs, Virtual Camp


Hannah Lind

Hey! I'm Hannah.

Hannah Lind, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Ask me about: Social media, graphic design, WCK brand tools, blog writing



Hey! I'm Alice.

Alice Cheung, Food Support Programs Coordinator

Ask me about: Food support programs, food in the hospital freezer, home delivery (Nourish at Home), food vendors and partnerships


Greg Culley

Hey! I'm Greg.

Greg Culley, Food Programs Evolution Project Coordinator

Ask me about: Food systems management, process improvement, food inventory.

Jill Leddy

Hey! I'm Jill.

Jill Leddy, Program Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator

Ask me about: Volunteering at WCK, program intake, port shirts, systems management

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