Being the little sister

Abbey as a little girl with her brothers Caleb and Gabe

Abbey previously wrote an amazing blog about how programs like The Club have helped her piece things together. In this blog, she shares in more detail her experience as a…

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Building the things that matter

Chuck smiling at the camera.

Chuck Oliver shares how woodworking can bring so many small but wonderful things that matter to kids on the childhood cancer and blood disorder journey. From building something they can…

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Here for the whole family

How WCK brings happy tears and space to heal Over the course of a single day in December 2021, the Joshi family’s world shattered.   Hema Joshi took her nine-year-old…

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Piecing things together

A photo of Abbey in a forest (taken at the 2023 She Can retreat). She has her right foot on a log and her hands by her side. She's smiling at the camera. Her t shirt says "Empowered women empower women"

Abbey Macey shares what has helped her to piece things together, years down the line from a childhood cancer diagnosis in the family My name is Abbey. In 2006, my…

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City Camp: A day in the life

A child at City Camp wearing a WCK "Stay Wild" cap, lying on a blanket cuddling a stuffed toy giraffe and smiling.

Let us show you what a day at WCK City Camp is like, through a child’s eyes. The kid in this blog is imagined, but the experiences are very real.…

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The magic that students bring

Four Surrey Schools students smiling and pointing to the camera

Paul Bruce and Linda Stewart coordinate the Surrey Schools work experience program. They recruit and train student volunteers for WCK City Camp. They share what the program involves and what…

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Learning from the experts

From left to right" Dominique, Kelsey, and Taylor smiling at the camera.

Taylor and Dominique have wrapped up their recreation therapy placements with WCK, and we miss them already. In this blog, they share what they will take forward from the experience…

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How the pandemic changed programming

WCK volunteer Colleen wearing a mask and holding a WCK-stamped box full of frozen meals, about to load it into her car to deliver to the hospital.

WCK began running programs in 2019 – and we all remember what happened the following year. During that time, we listened and adapted to families’ priorities. This blog explores how…

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