Port Shirts

Port Shirts

WCK provides customized shirts with port access to B.C. families at no cost. If you are living outside of B.C., please check out:

Port shirts for chemo access and other treatments

A WCK Port Shirt with the zipper undone

Many kids who are diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders have a port-a-cath inserted under their skin, usually in the chest area. The port is accessed with a needle and IV, and chemo is given this way. As well as chemotherapy, ports can be used to draw blood and give fluids, antibiotics, and blood transfusions.


Port shirts allow for easier access to this area because they only have to unzip the zipper rather than removing their shirt. This means kids can stay covered up while making sure the port area is clean and sterile.


WCK provides customized shirts with port access to B.C. families at no cost. Shirts are available for all ages, including young adults and infants.


Get in touch if you need a different kind of adapted clothing – we might be able to do it for you! Use the contact button at the bottom of this page.


If you are living outside of B.C., please check out:

A young girl wearing her port shirt in her hospital bed and playing with some toys

Port shirts make a difference

The port shirts are the best thing anyone can think of. My kid loved it. We use to take off his shirt to access his port and he wasn't too comfortable with no shirt on so I started taking a blanket but it slides off easily. The port shirt made it so easy!

The port shirts really made getting meds and blood work a more comfortable experience. Also, everyone complimented D on the tie and dye shirt and she rocked it with pride.

We find it very helpful and convenient, especially with the treatment schedules every week. It is funny whenever the nurse comes in, F is all so ready opening up his port shirt for the treatment. I don't even need to help him. 😊

This is an amazing resource and your willingness to do this for our daughter—these are the little things that mean so much.

The shirts came and THANK YOU! He loves them as do I. Thank you so much. We are very grateful. They are awesome and the designs are perfect!

Port Shirts were Cameron's Idea

WCK Port Shirts are 100 per cent the brainchild of an incredibly awesome kid named Cameron.

Cameron was a patient on the oncology floor at BCCH when he got the idea for a shirt with a zipper that could easily expose his chest port while still keeping the rest of his chest and tummy covered up. And he didn't just want this for himself, but he thought about ALL the kids that could benefit from this type of adapted shirt!

Cameron's inspiring idea is helping kids preserve and maintain their dignity while going through treatment. What started as Cameron's thoughtful idea has blossomed into our Port Shirt program.

Cameron, from the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of all the kids you're helping, thank you!

Thank You to our partners and donors for supporting the Port Shirts program


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