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A young girl wearing PJs bouncing on her trampoline and smiling. There's a heart bubble effect surrounding her.

Where’s the love? In a pair of PJs

February 14, 2024

WCK’s PJ Drive brings a warm winter delivery of cozy pajamas to families experiencing childhood cancer and blood disorders across B.C. Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, in…

Abbey as a little girl with her brothers Caleb and Gabe

Being the little sister

January 31, 2024

Abbey previously wrote an amazing blog about how programs like The Club have helped her piece things together. In this blog, she shares in more detail her experience as a…

Chuck smiling at the camera.

Building the things that matter

January 17, 2024

Chuck Oliver shares how woodworking can bring so many small but wonderful things that matter to kids on the childhood cancer and blood disorder journey. From building something they can…

Here for the whole family

November 22, 2023

How WCK brings happy tears and space to heal Over the course of a single day in December 2021, the Joshi family’s world shattered.   Hema Joshi took her nine-year-old…

Five of the women from the Chinese Gold Ribbon Society of Canada received “The Best Team Award” from the United Global Chinese Women’s Association of Canada in 2020. The photo is of them receiving their award, wearing yellow ribbons.


November 20, 2023

Ivy、Jennifer 和 Dana 是生活在卑诗省的华人妈妈。在这里生活以来,她们的孩子都经历过儿童癌症/血液疾病。因为相似的经历,她们共同创办了加拿大华人金丝带协会。为了更好的帮助其他有患有严重疾病的孩子们的家庭。在这篇博客中,听她们娓娓道来为成立这个协会的初衷以及如何为重疾儿童家庭提供帮助。

Five of the women from the Chinese Gold Ribbon Society of Canada received “The Best Team Award” from the United Global Chinese Women’s Association of Canada in 2020. The photo is of them receiving their award, wearing yellow ribbons.

The experience of Chinese families

November 15, 2023

Ivy, Jennifer, and Dana are Chinese moms who live in B.C. They have navigated childhood cancer and blood disorders since living here. They founded the Chinese Gold Ribbon Society of…

A photo of Abbey in a forest (taken at the 2023 She Can retreat). She has her right foot on a log and her hands by her side. She's smiling at the camera. Her t shirt says "Empowered women empower women"

Piecing things together

November 1, 2023

Abbey Macey shares what has helped her to piece things together, years down the line from a childhood cancer diagnosis in the family My name is Abbey. In 2006, my…

A mother and daughter in front of a WCK gazebo on a sunny day, standing closely together and smiling at the camera. The 10-year-old girl is wearing a WCK "stay wild" baseball cap.

What is ethical storytelling?

October 18, 2023

Every story matters, and every storyteller deserves to feel empowered and respected through the process of sharing their story.  “We live and breathe stories. At night, we dream in stories.…

Feeling the Love: Fundraising as matchmaking

October 4, 2023

Caitlin McBride, WCK’s Development Manager, shares how raising funds and connecting donors are acts of love. I have been a professional fundraiser for nearly a decade, and I have to…

A mom with her three children, all sitting on the couch. Four-year-old twins boys climbing over each other in the middle and smiling, and their nine-year-old brother (who's wearing a purple WCK t shirt) kissing one of them on the head. Mom is holding one of the twins on her lap, looking at them, and smiling.

Life doesn’t happen in a straight line

September 13, 2023

Walking alongside families at each step of the  journey, and supporting them as they navigate their way. For families, the childhood cancer or blood disorder journey is far from linear.…

From left to right: Sheila, Mina, and Angela (WCK volunteers) holding up Port Shirts they have sewn and smiling at the camera

All about Port Shirts!

August 30, 2023

Here’s how and why we give Port Shirts to families, and whose incredible idea it was.  L-R: Amazing Port Shirt sewers Sheila, Mina, and Angela Many families come to WCK…

A child at City Camp wearing a WCK "Stay Wild" cap, lying on a blanket cuddling a stuffed toy giraffe and smiling.

City Camp: A day in the life

August 16, 2023

Let us show you what a day at WCK City Camp is like, through a child’s eyes. The kid in this blog is imagined, but the experiences are very real.…

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