Kindness in a Cap

A story of how one small, random act of kindness meant the world.

A baseball cap hanging on a hook next to a baseball shirt.

How do you show someone you’re rooting for them?


This is the story of how one boy helped another, with a small gift that meant the world.


Henry was eight years old when he learned about another boy, Kevin, who was facing the biggest challenge of his life – going through treatment for an aggressive cancer. 


Henry didn’t know the ins and outs of Kevin’s journey, but he did know one thing. As someone who lives and breathes baseball, he simply said to his mom, “Well, he needs a rally cap.”

What is a rally cap?


A rally cap is a big part of baseball culture – it’s a baseball cap worn inside out and backwards by players or fans to root for their team. It’s a way of looking a little silly to provide good luck to the team. Most importantly, it’s a way to show you’re rallying behind them.

Kevin sitting in a hospital bed wearing his rally cap and smiling at the camera
Kevin proudly wearing his rally cap

Henry picked out a hat he was going to give as a Christmas present for a family member. He handed it to his mom and said, “I really want you to give him my hat.” She delivered the cap to Kevin in the hospital, and he knew what it was right away. The whole family was incredibly moved by the gesture, as his family explains:


The cap was so special to him and he believed it brought him good luck, strength, and positive energy. He also said it gave him hope for the treatments to do the intended job, which they did.”


Kevin wore his cap to every one of his treatments.

Kevin and Henry happened to meet each other at a Canucks Game. It was a special moment for both of them. Afterwards, Henry said to his mom, “He looks really strong. He’s a strong kid!” 


Henry later organized a Rally Cap Day at his school, which raised money for WCK. It was a way to celebrate Kevin’s spirit of kindness and how even small acts of kindness can have a lasting impact.

what are your acts of kindness?


A rally cap was the most natural way for Henry to show he was rooting for Kevin. We all have our natural ways of showing support, right? That’s the beauty of individuals – we all have interests and our passions, and when our random acts of kindness come from the heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rally cap, a handwritten card, or a drawing. It’s showing someone that you’re thinking of them, rooting for them – that’s what means the world.

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