Why Monthly Giving Works for Me

Paul and Laurel are incredible members of the WCK community. As well as volunteering their time and talents, they are longtime monthly donors. Their regular giving helps us to build sustainable programs. Here they explain why they chose WCK, and why they choose monthly giving.

A photo of WCK volunteer Dan at City Camp, with his thumbs up, and a speech bubble saying, "Hooray for monthly giving!" There is also a camper and another volunteer in the photo.

why wck?


I value WCK's mission to support kids, youths, and families through creating joy, engagement, and community. WCK lives and breathes their value statement in all areas of the foundation, with passion, grace, care, and playfulness.
They make a daily difference in the lives of those impacted by childhood cancer and blood disorders, and they creatively inspire others to join them. They consistently survey their population, on all levels, to ensure they are providing needed and valued programs. Support ranges from PJ Drives to Port Shirts, food programs, City Camps, online Hangouts, and mental wellness.


I used to be an in-patient nurse in a pediatric oncology unit, so I know the difference that WCK programs make for families. Childhood cancer and blood disorders affect every aspect of family life – WCK meets practical, everyday needs that are so much wider than health care.

I’ve worked alongside many people who are part of WCK. Because of those relationships, I have the utmost confidence that they use my money to provide child and family-focused services. It’s not because they think they know what's best for them – it’s because they have co-designed the programs with families. This means that WCK can make the most meaningful difference in their lives.

why monthly giving?


Monthly giving works really well for me. It gives me confidence that I’m supporting an organization that I love on a regular basis, even if it's just a little bit. If I have a little more available at special times of the year, then I can give what's possible at that point. I feel better knowing that WCK is getting a reliable donation from me, and it's one less thing on my to-do list.


I choose monthly giving as it is a convenient way to regularly support WCK throughout the year. This allows me to plan financially, knowing a regular amount is consistently being given each month. I appreciate the option to cover processing fees, so that WCK can maximize my donation and make every dollar go further. This planning also allows me to contribute in other ways throughout the year – either through finances or volunteering.
It means a lot that they make a personal connection and reach out with genuine gratitude. It is an honour and a pleasure to provide ongoing support for such an incredible foundation.

Anything else?


Through my volunteering, I’ve seen firsthand how WCK nurtures and develops lifelong community members. Thanks so much for giving a voice to those that donate. WCK is a foundation that is very near and dear to my heart. Stay Wild!

Ready to try monthly giving?


We would love to have you as part of our WCK Collective – a group of incredible people who give however much they can each month, to provide WCK with a steady stream of income to put towards our programming.