Nicola Wealth: A Culture of Giving

Since 2019, Nicola Wealth Management Ltd. (Nicola Wealth) has been a champion for West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation. Their gifts have truly transformed our organization, making sure we can be there for families in some of the hardest moments of their lives

The Nicola Wealth team volunteering for WCK's 2024 PJ Drive
The Nicola Wealth team volunteering for WCK's 2024 PJ Drive

A leader in the asset management space, Nicola Wealth is committed to fostering a culture of community and giving. In 2010, a group of dedicated employees founded the Nicola Wealth Gives Back Committee, which supports and drives their charitable initiatives. Since 2016, they have given over $13.5M to more than 300 organizations with more than 1,000 staff volunteer hours.


After connecting with WCK Executive Director Shannon Hartwig in 2019, Nicola Wealth quickly saw the importance of the innovative work that WCK was doing to support families navigating childhood cancer and blood disorders across the province.

The Nicola Wealth Gives Back committee’s initial investment funded the first-ever WCK City Camp, which was — and continues to be — the only day camp for kids with cancer and blood disorders in British Columbia.


This funding gave 30 kids a summer camp experience full of fun, friendships, and memories in a safe and medically supervised space.


In just a few short years (including a two-year pandemic hiatus) WCK City Camp has doubled in size, and we now offer both spring break and summertime camp sessions.

Campers having fun at the first WCK City Camp in 2019
Campers having fun at the first WCK City Camp in 2019

Nicola Wealth has made contributions that have helped to build WCK’s foundation, both as an organization and by allowing us to launch specific programs like Mental Health support for families. 


But the impact that Nicola Wealth has had on WCK goes beyond financial support. As a new organization, they helped us establish much-needed credibility by associating us with their company.


“Partnering with a company with such a strong and positive reputation as Nicola Wealth really helped WCK become a trusted organization when we were just starting out,” says Shannon Hartwig. “They were not only instrumental in supporting our work, they helped open so many doors for us.” 


In the time that Nicola Wealth has been supporting WCK, we have more than tripled the number of families we support, increased our volunteer numbers by nearly 500 per cent, and increased food deliveries by more than 700 per cent. Their contributions have truly transformed our organization, helping us to walk alongside families every day in meaningful, practical ways that make a real difference on their blood disorder or childhood cancer journeys. 


In February, the Nicola Wealth team provided even more support by rolling up their sleeves and being put to work at the WCK office, where they volunteered their time packaging pajamas for WCK families across British Columbia. Thanks to our amazing volunteers we were able to send out 621 pairs of pajamas this year, helping to bring a little bit of love and warmth into family homes across the province.

“I truly believe that ‘it takes a village,’ whether that concept is applied to your family, friends, work, or community, it is fundamental to our success,” says Jacqueline Dagg, Team Lead at the Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation.


“I have always felt the need to give back where I can, and always seem to make choices in my life that help to support others in some way. I have friends who have been stricken with this life-changing experience, so the cause is near and dear to my heart. I am privileged to have the opportunity to champion West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation internally with Nicola Wealth.”


We are incredibly grateful to Nicola Wealth and the Nicola Wealth Gives Back Committee for their inspiring and transformative support. The difference they have made to our organization is felt every day by families who are supported through food deliveries, memories at camp, and mental health resources. Thank you Nicola Wealth!

Caitlin McBride

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