Where’s the love? In a pair of PJs

WCK's PJ Drive brings a warm winter delivery of cozy pajamas to families experiencing childhood cancer and blood disorders across B.C.

A young girl wearing PJs bouncing on her trampoline and smiling. There's a heart bubble effect surrounding her.

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, in many different forms. As the WCK office fills with boxes of gorgeous pajamas – and volunteers to sort and pack them – we want to celebrate the love that is found in this community.

It all starts off with a shipment of super soft sleepwear from Petit Lem. This year, they donated over 650 sets of pajamas to WCK because they simply want to bring comfort to the children and families in B.C. who found themselves on a treatment journey. They hope to spread love and coziness, to let them know they’re not alone.


The WCK office then becomes a community hub, with volunteers arriving to help sort the bundles. Kids and caregivers are on the volunteers’ hearts and minds as they do the busy work of sorting, wrapping, labelling, and packing. PJ deliveries are not only for the kids – we offer a new set of jammies to everyone! We know that a diagnosis affects everyone in the family, and they all deserve a winter pick-me-up.

A pair of Petit Lem PJs with guitars printed on them, with someone adding a gift tag (their hands are in the photo)
Staff from Miller Titerle & Co in the WCK office, standing behind a pile of PJs holding a sign that says "MT&Co loves WCK"

The volunteers include partners who believe in WCK’s mission and step up to support the work – this year, teams from Air Canada Foundation, Cascade Aquatech, Miller Titerle, and Nicola Wealth showed up to get stuck in. Emily Savage, principal lawyer at Miller Titerle + Company explains: 


“Our values are what lead us in business, our practices, and beyond; they are at the very core of what we do every day. We are incredibly proud to support WCK and the families impacted by childhood cancer and blood disorders and thrilled to send members of our team to volunteer at this year’s PJ Drive. It is a privilege to work with an organization like WCK and share in the values that ground both of our organizations.”

WCK’s amazing PJ volunteer task force includes more people in the community who want to bring moments of joy to families. Many of them, like Nicole, personally know what the childhood cancer or blood disorder journey can be like. As Nicole explains:


“With the gift of pajamas, I hope families feel like they’re not alone. I hope they can take a moment to enjoy something normal. Childhood cancer turns your world upside down, and for us, finding even the smallest moments that felt normal kept us going.”

The packages are then delivered to families in the hospital and at home. It’s a coordinated effort from the WCK team, volunteers, couriers, and staff in the hospital to get the bundles safely into  the correct hands! 


The love doesn’t stop there, because it’s felt in return from families. Here’s what some family members have said about the arrival of their PJs:

“I really liked getting WCK jammies for my whole family. It made me feel so good that I could give back to them for all they have done for me as I go through treatment.” 

“Receiving PJs is like receiving a warm hug of support. Thank you!” 

“The PJs came at the perfect time. It's been a challenging few weeks especially, and the PJs brought joy to our home. There will be many pajama dance parties in our kitchen to come.”

“Here we are this morning after both having a great sleep in our new pajamas!! Thank you so much for taking care of us. My baby and I have so appreciated every bit of support during this very difficult year.”

None of this would happen without the effort of everyone involved in donating, wrapping, delivering, and receiving these cozy packages. The one thing that ties everyone together is the wish for the whole family to enjoy a comforting treat together. That’s where the love is – in a pair of PJs!

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