Partnering with the Partners

WCK and Social Venture Partners join forces to do more for B.C. families navigating childhood cancer and blood disorders.

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We are beyond excited to announce that WCK is officially an Investee of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Vancouver! This three-year partnership will invest “time plus money” to our organization, helping us grow and scale to meet the needs of more families than ever before.

Like WCK, SVP Vancouver likes to do things a little differently. Established in 2001, SVP Vancouver operates through a venture philanthropy model, working with high-impact nonprofits to achieve a shared vision: to help children and youth in B.C. thrive.


Over two decades, SVP Vancouver has contributed more than $12.5 million dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to more than 70 non-profits in our community. They have found that this “time plus money” approach helps their Investees increase their capacity to deliver positive social impact.


And now, West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation is officially an SVP Investee.


For the next three years, SVP and WCK will join forces to increase our capacity and scale our programs so we can provide strong, sustainable programs to families across the province.


As well as providing financial investment, SVP will invest time and professional expertise into WCK, helping connect us to important resources and support networks to guide our growth.


“This is a game-changer for WCK,” says Executive Director Shannon Hartwig. “We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with SVP to develop the support that families navigating cancer and blood disorders both need and deserve.”

This investment will help WCK not only increase the number of families served, but also the scope of programs being offered. Through SVP’s guidance and support we will be able to build a strong foundation for our growing organization and meet the needs of B.C. families on a childhood cancer or blood disorder journey.


"We are thrilled to welcome WCK to the SVP community and honored to be supporting an organization that does such important work,” says SVP Vancouver Executive Director Helen Stortini.


“We look forward to providing WCK with SVP's capacity building programming, partner time, and access to the SVP network to help them grow and scale their organization."


We are so excited to embark on this journey with SVP Vancouver, and incredibly grateful for their support and belief in the potential of our organization.


WCK was founded on a deep belief that more needed to be done for families navigating childhood cancer and blood disorders, and thanks to this partnership, we will be able to do more than ever before.

SVP Vancouver

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Social Venture Partners Vancouver is a network of 150+ engaged philanthropists and changemakers who invest time, money and professional expertise into local, high-impact nonprofits that focus on serving under-resourced children and youth. Over the last 21 years, we have provided more than 70 nonprofits with more than $12 million in grants, countless hours of capacity building support, programming, training, tools, and resources. SVP Vancouver is one of the largest affiliates of SVP International, a global network of over 40 organizations in as many cities. Learn more