All WCK programs are provided to families navigating childhood cancer and blood disorders in British Columbia at no cost. Programs are developed in consultation with families and the pediatric oncology and hematology community. 

WCK Programs

Food Programs

Nourishing meals and snacks are brought to families at home, at BC Children's Hospital, and Surrey Memorial Hospital. Food programs help ease the daily load for families and provide the care they need during difficult times.

Online Hangouts

Virtual hangouts allow kids affected by cancer and blood disorders to connect in safe, online spaces. They reduce isolation by giving kids a chance to meet other kids who are "just like them."

City Camp

Not all families are familiar or comfortable sending their kid to overnight camp - so we created a program just for them. City Camp gives kids the best of both worlds; kids can play outside, have adventures, make memories - and still sleep in their own bed at night.

Peer Support

We all need someone to walk alongside us through a difficult journey. WCK's Side by Side program provides connection to a network of caregivers who have been through a childhood cancer or blood disorder experience, so no one has to feel like they are alone.

Port Shirts

The brainchild of a wonderful kid named Cameron, port shirts are adapted clothing that allow easy access to a port without having to remove your shirt. WCK provides port shirts to families across British Columbia at no cost.


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