Peer Support

Peer Support

Peer Support For Parents and caregivers of Children Experiencing Cancer & Blood Disorders

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation is here to help your whole family, including you, as you navigate childhood cancer or blood disorders. No matter where you are on your journey, we want to provide you with support and resources to ease the load. As a big part of this, we understand the need for spaces that bring caregivers together. A fellow oncology/hematology parent relates to your experience in a way that your other friends and family might not be able to. 


WCK runs online Ask Me Anything sessions for parents and caregivers. In these sessions you can learn more  about different aspects of childhood cancer and blood disorders and how to manage their everyday impacts. The sessions provide space for caregivers to ask questions and engage in conversation. 


If you're looking for straightforward help to find the resources you need, we can connect you one-on-one with a fellow caregiver who has been on the cancer/blood disorder journey. They know what it's like, they can loop you into the right places, and they deeply understand the survival mode you might be living in. 

Ask Me Anything sessions

Ask Me Anything sessions

WCK runs online sessions for caregivers throughout the year on particular topics, offering a space to learn more, ask questions, and provide reassurance to each other.


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How to Survive Survival Mode

Nutrition During Treatment and Beyond

Ask Me Anything: Panel of Parents


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If you have any questions about our Peer Support programs, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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