The Club

The Club

The Club (formerly She Can) is a free, ten-month program that focuses on empowering female-identifying and non-binary young adults to develop helpful life skills and essential connections.

This program is open to youth affected by childhood cancer, either through their own diagnosis or a sibling's diagnosis.



It’s a time to just exist with folks who know what you’ve gone through. You can talk about it if that’s what you need, but there is no pressure. We all just know.

The WCK group is a fabulous group of individuals that genuinely is making a huge difference in the lives of cancer survivors. The atmosphere, inclusivity, and overall thoughtfulness for all of us remind us how important it is to be with those who we share such a big part of ourselves with. I love that WCK has made such a big impact on this community.

This program has made me feel empowered to make changes in my life. I have experienced kindness and empathy that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Loved it. Everyone is so nice and made me feel comfortable despite feeling nervous beforehand and I had a lot of fun.


The Club program is delivered in partnership with She Defines Strength and ShEvalesco


We are grateful to our funders for making The Club program possible

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