Fun virtual activities for kids!

A screenshot of a virtual hangout with volunteers and kids doing craft activities and showing their creations from the west coast kids cancer foundation

As we head into cooler weather and the inevitable cold and flu season, there are many reasons why it may be safer to connect virtually rather than in person over the next few months. For kids with cancer or blood disorders, it’s even more important to reduce potential exposure to any viruses that are going around. But that doesn’t mean anyone should miss out on having fun!

At WCK we understand the importance of ongoing virtual programs for kids with cancer and blood disorders. And after a couple of years of solid practice connecting with kids online, we’ve developed some great virtual activities that are fun for all ages! Here are some ideas:

Scavenger hunts

Choose a common household item and ask kids to find it within a certain amount of time. You can ask them to find something specific like a cup or a pen, something of a certain colour or texture, or you can ask them to find an object that relates to a theme - like an upcoming holiday.

Drawing challenges

Show an image on the screen and challenge them to recreate the drawing in a set time. Closest to the image wins!

Dance party

Bring out your inner DJ! Share your sound and video over Zoom and bust out some moves for a virtual dance party.

Trivia games

Write up a series of questions with some multiple-choice answers and start a friendly but competitive game.

Online quizzes

Find some fun online quizzes such as “Which Disney princess are you?” or “Which ice cream flavour are you?” and complete them together. CBC’s kids website offers some great quizzes for children.

Don’t dreary weather stop you from having fun this fall and winter! There are so many creative and engaging activities you can take part in and keep kids connected while staying safe. Find what works best for you.

If you’d like to join our awesome 1 on 1 or group hangouts programs you can find more information here.