From Hangout kid to Hangout volunteer: Why I give back

By Naman

Naman sitting in a seat looking at his computer screen and smiling

Hello everyone, my name is Naman and I just started volunteering for West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation. I first heard about WCK during my time in hospital, when we noticed a brochure talking about the culinary care program. My family loved the idea and immediately signed up. Since then, WCK has been a big part of our lives and has helped us tremendously throughout my own cancer journey, whether it be by giving us microwave meals after a long day or comfortable pajamas to wear.


I volunteer with them to share our same experience of WCK with other kids and families going through the same thing as me, and to give them the peace of mind knowing that they have support in case they need anything.

Why Hangouts matter

Hangouts, to me, are a way to forget about everything going on and to let loose. It’s a good distraction for the kids and a good break for the parents.


Hangouts help take your mind off what’s happening in treatment and to interact with other children. I know personally it's a very nice thing, because sometimes while on active treatment you don’t get to see your school friends, and that can be very hard.

What I enjoy about Hangouts

My favourite part of being a Hangout buddy is that I get to form a connection with these kids. They slowly come out of their shell and become more interactive with the volunteers, but also with the other members of the group. Over time in the Hangouts, I’ve noticed some kids who were more shy become more and more engaged in the group. To see that really assures me that we are making an open and welcoming community.


Another thing I love about being a Hangout buddy is getting to collaborate with other buddies to come up with new ideas and new ways we can make the Hangouts more fun for the group.

Naman on screen at a WCK virtual Hangout with 6 other people

WCK has been a great help for me and my family. To give back to them and other children with childhood cancer is why I volunteer with WCK.

Naman at a WCK virtual Hangout with 5 others

NOTE: As of summer 2024, the Hangouts program is coming to a natural end as something families have moved away from. The WCK team is making space to explore what the next right thing is for families.

Jill Leddy

Hey! I'm Jill.

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