“My favourite part is all of it!”

This year’s WCK City Camp was filled with adventures, fun, & memories for kids affected by cancer and blood disorders.

My favourite part is all of it!

July 22 marks the end of WCK’s 2022 summer City Camp program. The last three weeks have been filled to the brim with a mix of fun in-person and virtual activities, games, and crafts!

City Camp allows children affected by childhood cancer or blood disorders to connect with each other and make new friends, all while enjoying fun summer activities, and all facilitated by the WCK team. The option for in-person or virtual camp experiences opened up the joy of the program to even more children so that no-one had to miss out.

The WCK team members who brought camp to life so wonderfully were:

  • Kelsey Merritt, Connections Program and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Isabel Antunes, City Camp Program Supervisor
  • Tal Rock, Virtual Camp Team Lead

Our amazing dedicated volunteers who made sure our campers were entertained and engaged for every minute of their time there

The grand kickoff this year involved tie-dye fun and making weird and wonderful pet rocks and paper animals. Some of the other highlights included:

  • Superhero Tuesday, where campers made masks and decorated capes that were beautifully hand-sewn by our awesome volunteer Cathie. They then emulated their favourite heroes in various superhero challenges!
  • Woodworking Wednesday with Chuck the Builder, where fairy doors, catapults, and mini basketball hoops were created!
  • Spy Day, where campers created their own secret agent identities, dodged laser beams, and made invisible ink spy codes!

Endless other creative crafts and activities involving lava lamps, improv, music making, Skittles artwork, glove monsters, decorating cupcakes and – would you believe it – launching our own space rockets!

Here's what some of the campers had to say:

“I really liked making the spaceships and I’m excited to decorate cupcakes. We made cool paper, so it’s where you have something that spins really fast, then you put the paper in it, then you squirt paint on it, then you stop it and it turns out so cool! Yeah, I really liked that. City Camp is very fun and exciting. I feel happy.”

“The best activity out of all of camp? I think the catapults and woodworking was really fun. Doing all the painting was really nice too. I think the spin art was my favourite.” 

“My favourite part is all of it! We’re eating lunch now and then we’re reading a story. Oh, and also we made rocket ships. Oh, and we’re also gonna make cupcakes today!” 

The fun of City Camp and Virtual Camp has come to a close for 2022, but through WCK programming we will continue to offer ways to help our families build connections in a supportive and fun environment.

And, of course, we cannot wait for next summer!

We are grateful for the support of our WCK City Camp funders and partners: